Starlight Overview

What is Starlight?

A tool that facilitates crypto wallet setup, fiat and crypto exchange, management of on and off-chain expenses, and easy integration with existing financial stacks securely and in compliance.

Main Features
Unified Crypto & Fiat Treasury
Instant Liquidity
Automatic cost basis, gains, and losses calculations
Payments For Every Use Case
On-chain fund movement

Frequently asked questions

Starlight is a financial operating system (OS) designed for web3 teams. It provides a range of features and services to help organizations operate in both crypto and fiat currencies. Some of its key features include setting up crypto wallets, exchanging crypto to fiat, managing on and off-chain expenses, and integrating with existing financial systems. Starlight aims to make crypto accessible for companies of all stages and industries, allowing teams to focus on building great products while providing peace of mind in managing their crypto assets.

Starlight can help manage crypto wallets by providing a financial operating system for web3 teams. It allows users to set up their crypto wallets, exchange crypto to fiat, manage on and off-chain expenses, and integrate with existing financial stacks in a secure and compliant manner. Starlight offers features such as enterprise-grade security, automated payments, synchronized accounting tools, custom roles and permissions, automated gain and loss calculations, and integration with over 10,000 banks. Additionally, Starlight supports unified on and off-chain contacts, offers cards for both crypto and fiat, and provides powerful notifications. It is also compatible with Gnosis Safe.

Yes, Starlight can facilitate the exchange between crypto and fiat. It is built from the ground up for organizations to operate in both crypto and fiat. It offers features such as unified on and off-chain contacts, cards for crypto and fiat, and automated payments. Additionally, Starlight allows users to seamlessly convert funds between fiat and crypto in a few seconds and move money from cold wallets to hot wallets to bank accounts. It also integrates with over 10,000 banks and offers enterprise-grade security.

Starlight does support both on-chain and off-chain expenses. Starlight helps organizations manage on and off-chain expenses, allowing them to move money seamlessly between cold wallets, hot wallets, and bank accounts.

Yes, Starlight can integrate with existing financial stacks. It is built to help organizations operate in both crypto and fiat, and it offers features such as synchronizing with accounting tools, integrating with 10,000+ banks, and automated gain and loss calculations.

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