Subsquid Overview

What is Subsquid?

Subsquid is a data processing framework and toolkit designed to efficiently index, transform, and query blockchain data. It supports developers in creating and deploying their own data indexing solutions with a focus on flexibility, efficiency, and scalability. Subsquid aims to simplify accessing and interpreting blockchain data, making it more accessible for applications and analyses.

Main Features
Guaranteed data availability for dApps
Scalability and availability
Decentralized network
Can index all historical data
Focus on developers

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Frequently asked questions

The Squid SDK, being open-source, offers free data access from the Subsquid Network until the mainnet launch. Post-launch, data extraction costs are expected to be $1-$5 per terabyte. Subsquid Cloud provides a complimentary space for developing indexers and a hosted service for those ready for production, with costs based on actual usage of compute and storage. Click here to see the pricing details.

Developers write queries using the Squid SDK to specify the data they need from a particular blockchain. Subsquid retrieves and processes the data from the decentralized network and returns the results to the application.

For guidance on accessing Subsquid's developer resources and community support, explore their official documentation and join their community channels. They typically offer detailed guides, API references, and tutorials in their documentation section. Additionally, community forums, Discord, or Telegram groups are great places to seek help, share experiences, and get updates from the Subsquid team and fellow developers. Check Subsquid's website for links to these resources.

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