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What is Webacy?

Webacy is a protection layer for self-custody providing users with a plan of action for common scenarios that could result in loss of cryptocurrency. It ensures that users are aware of any inbound/outbound activities in their wallets in real-time. Furthermore, in the event of something unexpected happening, users can rest assured their crypto wealth will be passed down to their loved ones.

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Frequently asked questions

Webacy is a security suite of non-custodial, no-access services designed to enhance safety on the blockchain. It offers features such as risk assessment and a risk score to help users understand and protect their assets. Webacy allows individuals to take control of their cryptocurrency and improve their overall security on the blockchain.

The Risk Score feature works by analyzing various blockchain signals, incorporating multiple data aggregators, and utilizing intelligent detection endpoints. It uses Webacy's proprietary algorithm to continuously analyze and evaluate the level of risk a wallet is exposed to in terms of vulnerability to external hack vectors. The Risk Score takes into account several key data points, including the age of the wallet, transactional activity, approvals and approval history, integrity of smart contracts regularly interacted with, associated wallet risk (such as compromised wallets you regularly interact with), and publicly restricted wallet address lists. The feature provides users with a live understanding of their wallet's vulnerability to external hacks.

Wallet Watch is a service provided by Webacy that notifies users of any inbound, outbound, or interactive activity happening in their wallet. It allows users to set up SMS and/or Email notifications to receive real-time alerts whenever a transaction occurs within their wallet(s). This feature helps users detect and respond quickly to any suspicious or malicious transactions, preventing hacks or wallet drains. Additionally, Wallet Watch serves as a backup wallet, providing a safe-haven for users' digital assets.

To set up SMS and/or Email notifications for Wallet Watch, you can use Webacy. Webacy allows you to receive real-time alerts whenever there is any inbound, outbound, or interactive activity in your wallet. By setting up these notifications, you can quickly respond to any suspicious transactions and prevent hacks or wallet drains. This feature provides peace of mind and acts as a safe-haven for your digital assets.

Backup Wallet ensures the safety of your digital assets by providing real-time alerts and notifications through Wallet Watch and Webacy. These alerts notify you of any inbound, outbound, or interactive activity happening in your wallet, allowing you to quickly identify and respond to any suspicious or malicious transactions. By setting up SMS and/or Email notifications, you can receive these alerts wherever you are, enabling you to take immediate action to prevent hacks or wallet drains. With Backup Wallet, you can have peace of mind knowing that your digital assets are protected in a safe-haven.

Yes, Webacy is free to use.

Yes, you can monitor multiple wallets with Wallet Watch. You can set up SMS and/or Email notifications to receive real-time alerts when any transaction occurs within your wallet(s), providing peace of mind and the ability to act fast in case of suspicious or malicious activity.

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