Wombat Exchange Overview

What is Wombat Exchange?

Wombat Exchange boasts itself as the only multichain and crosschain, single-sided DEX in the crypto market. It offers efficient stablecoin swaps with minimal slippage through its stableswap algorithm. It features single-sided staking, a "Gamified Bribe Market", and claims high gas efficiency. Users can swap, earn yield, and bridge and send a message across blockchains.

The only multichain and crosschain, single-sided DEX; with stableswap 2.0 model.

Main Features
Singe-token liquidity pools
Minimal slippage and best rates with Stableswap 2.0 model
Multichain & Crosschain
Gamified Bribe Market

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Frequently asked questions

Unlike traditional DEX liquidity pools, Wombat allows users to stake a single stablecoin, simplifying liquidity provision and reducing barriers to entry.

There is a unique feature called a "Gamified Bribe Market" that incentivizes users to participate in the Wombat ecosystem beyond basic swaps or liquidity provision. Partner protocols can bribe the users with a better deal and make them vote for their pools for more rewards.

It's crucial to verify if Wombat Exchange has undergone security audits by independent firms to ensure the security of their smart contracts. With that said, they have undergone several audits from Hacken, Zokyo, Peckshield and Slowmist. Wombat Exchange is also incubated by Binance Labs.

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