Zebra Overview

What is Zebra?

Zebra is a fully permissionless and composable decentralized exchange built on Scroll. It allows users to freely trade target assets or provide liquidity to earn rewards without losing custody of their funds. Users can also integrate Zebra seamlessly with other DeFi (decentralized finance) applications and services. It is committed to providing users with a one-stop liquidity service that is cheaper, easier to use, and more secure.

Main Features
Fully Permissionless
Efficient and Low Fees
User-friendly functions

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Frequently asked questions

Zebra allows its features to be easily combined with other DeFi applications and services. . This provides efficiency by streamlining your DeFi workflows and save time and encourages developers to create new and exciting applications, fostering a dynamic DeFi ecosystem.

In exchange for providing tokens to the liquidity pool, liquidity providers receive the fees. All liquidity providers with an active liquidity position receive it in proportion to their position. Fees will not be paid to liquidity providers whose current position is outside of the pricing range.

You must first delete the liquidity position from the position in order to build a new position with the desired price range.

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