zkLend Overview

What is zkLend?

zkLend is a DeFi platform positioned as the liquidity layer of Starknet, offering a money-market protocol that combines zk-rollup scalability and cost-efficiency with Ethereum's security. It enables users to lend, borrow, and trade crypto assets on-chain, aiming to provide the efficiency of centralized exchanges with the benefits of decentralization.

zkLend offers two solutions:

  1. Artemis for DeFi Users: A next-generation lending protocol that allows users to deposit, borrow, and lend in a decentralized manner on StarkNet.
  2. Apollo for Institutional Clients: (Coming soon) Aimed at serving the needs of institutional participants in the DeFi space.

zkLend seeks to grow Ethereum assets with an accessible interface for both individual DeFi users and institutional clients, making it a comprehensive platform for decentralized finance activities.

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