zkSwap Finance Overview

What is zkSwap Finance?

zkSwap Finance is a decentralized exchange on the zkSync Era that offers users functionalities beyond typical DEX services by incorporating a unique "Swap-to-Earn" model. zkSwap Finance includes features such as token swapping, adding liquidity, earning pools with high yields, and a platform for launching new projects. Leveraging the Layer 2 capabilities of zkSync Era, the exchange ensures transactions are both swift and cost-effective. With a focus on fostering community development, a substantial share of its tokens and fees from trades are allocated to its users and those providing liquidity.

Main Features
Swap-to-Earn Model
Decentralized and User-Friendly
Security and Control
Incentive Campaigns
Community Governed Platform
ZkSync Era

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Frequently asked questions

ZKSwap differentiates itself through its "Swap-to-Earn" model. Users are rewarded with the platform's native token, $ZF, for every trade they make on the DEX. This incentivizes participation and fosters a more engaged user base.

The governance token of zkSwap Finance is called $ZF. It can be staked on the DAO Staking pool and get more $ZF and boost for Swap-to-Earn rewards. Users can also vote on proposals using their staked $ZF and receive more perks.

In zkSwap Finance, rewards are distributed to users through their Swap to Earn model. The platform's motto is "the more you contribute, the more rewards you receive". The exact distribution mechanism and rates might vary based on user activity, liquidity provided, and staked $ZF. Their base calculation is per trade, if you swap $1, you will get 1 zkPoint multiplied by your BOOST.

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