ZKX Overview

What is ZKX?

ZKX is a revolutionary decentralized exchange (DEX) focusing on perpetual futures, built on Starknet. ZKX distinguishes itself by providing self-custody, a decentralized order book and true community governance, addressing the limitations of centralized exchanges (CEXs).

ZKX offers two distinct trading platforms catering to varied trading preferences:

  1. OG Trade: This is a playful and engaging exchange platform tailored for traders who focus on short-term strategies, including scalpers and swing traders.

  2. Pro Trade: Aimed at experienced market participants, this exchange provides intricate trading options with complex order types and API integration, catering to the needs of advanced traders, large-scale investors, and proprietary trading firms.

Main Features
Decentralized Perpetual Futures Trading
Scalability and Low Transaction Costs
Partnerships for Liquidity and Market Depth
Community Participation in Revenue

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Frequently asked questions

ZKX was conceived by Eduard, Naman and and Vitaly Yakovlev, inspired by the potential in emerging markets, the DeFi wave, and the "Eat the Rich" narrative sparked by the 2021 GameStop event.

The founding team of the company, with their background in venture capital, expertise in navigating emerging markets, and experience in tech scale-up operations, leads a diverse team of 32 professionals spread across seven nations, from Bali to London. This international team has successfully secured $5.5 million in funding through two rounds of token financing.

Unlike CEXs, ZKX provides self-custody, ensuring users have control over their funds. It operates on blockchain technology, offering transparency, decentralized governance, and reduced reliance on intermediaries. Additionally, ZKX aims to match the scalability of CEXs while providing the benefits of on-chain trading, like lower transaction costs.

ZKX's approach is unique due to its combination of decentralized trading on an L2 network, which ensures fast transaction speeds and low costs, and a robust risk management engine that adapts to the underlying asset's volatility.

ZKX addresses liquidity challenges by partnering with market leaders like Amber Group and CEXs such as Huobi and Crypto.com. These partnerships provide low-latency data feeds and depth of market, ensuring robust liquidity on the platform.

The native token of ZKX allows holders to participate in governance and revenue sharing. Staking the token entitles users to a share of the exchange's revenue, aligning the interests of the platform with those of its users.

Token Utility:

  • App-chain token for ZKX L3.
  • Governance.
  • Trading rewards: Utilizes the High-Tide algorithm to track trading size, frequency, and consistency.
  • 15% of the total supply is allocated to trading rewards, with digital shares decaying if a trader stops using ZKX products.
  • Staking rewards: Distributed in USDC, comprising 20% of trading fees and 10% of liquidations.

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