Base Sepolia PoW Faucet

Base Sepolia offers developers a safe testnet environment to explore and test smart contracts using Base Sepolia ETH. Enter your Ethereum address and start 'mining'. When you've collected enough ETH, stop mining and claim your rewards.

Frequently asked questions

It's a testnet faucet that distributes free testnet ETH on Base Sepolia, requiring mining work to prevent abuse.

A public testnet for developers to test smart contracts and dApps on Base.

Enter your ETH Address, start mining to collect ETH, then claim your rewards.

Replenish it by sending unused funds to 0xd9e53C74C20EF035f16D8c6fea8aE7AefcE6945D on Base Sepolia. Thank you for your support!

The faucet was ingeniously crafted by pk910.eth, with its open-source blueprint readily accessible on GitHub. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to pk910 for his exceptional work.