Ethereum Sepolia PoW Faucet

Ethereum Sepolia provides a secure testnet setting for developers to experiment with and validate smart contracts. Input your Ethereum address and begin 'mining'. Once you've accumulated sufficient ETH, cease mining to claim your rewards.

Frequently asked questions

A testnet faucet for Ethereum Sepolia, offering free testnet ETH through mining to prevent misuse.

Ethereum Sepolia is a dedicated testnet allowing developers to experiment with smart contracts and decentralized applications in a safe environment.

Submit your ETH Address, engage in mining to gather ETH, and then claim your testnet rewards.

You can support by sending back any unneeded testnet ETH to 0xd9e53C74C20EF035f16D8c6fea8aE7AefcE6945D on Ethereum Sepolia. Thanks for contributing!

Designed by pk910.eth, this faucet's source is openly available on GitHub. Kudos to pk910 for this innovative tool.