Mode Sepolia PoW Faucet

Mode Sepolia is a public testnet for developers to test smart contracts and dApps on Mode. Input your Ethereum address and begin 'mining'. Once you've accumulated sufficient ETH, cease mining to claim your rewards.

Frequently asked questions

A testnet faucet for Mode Sepolia, designed to distribute free testnet ETH through mining activities to mitigate misuse and support development on the Mode ecosystem.

Mode Sepolia is a testnet network for Mode, an innovative Modular DeFi L2 built alongside Optimism, aimed at empowering developers to create and scale world-class applications and rewarding them for their contributions to the ecosystem.

Simply enter your ETH Address, start the mining process to accumulate ETH, and claim your testnet rewards to begin experimenting with DeFi applications on Mode or deploy your smart contracts.

Help replenish the faucet by returning any unused testnet ETH to 0xd9e53C74C20EF035f16D8c6fea8aE7AefcE6945D on Mode Sepolia. Your support helps sustain the development ecosystem.

The faucet was ingeniously developed by pk910.eth, with its source code freely available on GitHub. We extend our gratitude to pk910 for contributing this valuable tool to the larger Ethereum community.