Optimism Sepolia PoW Faucet

Optimism Sepolia is a testnet network that allows you to safely try out and test smart contracts. Enter your Ethereum address and start 'mining'. When you've collected enough Optimism Sepolia ETH, stop mining and claim your rewards.

Frequently asked questions

This faucet provides free testnet ETH on Optimism Sepolia, but requires a bit of mining effort to deter misuse. It's a practical tool for developers. It's free, fast, and does not require authentication.

Optimism Sepolia is a testnet designed for developers looking to experiment with smart contracts and dApps in a risk-free environment.

Simply enter your ETH address, engage in some mining, and then you're ready to claim your testnet ETH. It's straightforward and allows you to focus on development.

If you have spare testnet ETH, consider donating to the faucet at 0xd9e53C74C20EF035f16D8c6fea8aE7AefcE6945D on Optimism Sepolia. Your support helps keep it running for everyone.

The faucet was developed by pk910.eth, and its source code is available on GitHub. Thanks to pk910 for his invaluable contribution to the community.