0x Explorer Overview

What is 0x Explorer?

0x Explorer is a tool that allows users to explore and interact with the 0x protocol's decentralized exchange infrastructure. It provides visibility into trades, liquidity pools, and token metrics across the 0x network. Users can use the explorer to search for specific transactions, analyze trading volumes, track the performance of various tokens, and observe the activity on the decentralized exchange. Developers can use it to access data on transaction tracking, liquidity source and chain breakdowns, and in-depth application metrics.

Main Features
Real-time trade volume tracking
User statistics and trade history
Liquidity source analysis
Chain-specific trade data
Integration with popular wallets and platforms

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Frequently asked questions

The table under "Market Components: Users" shows the trade volume for different users on various chains. The "User" column lists the user addresses, the "Volume" column shows the trade volume in USD, and the "# of Trades" column displays the number of trades made by each user. Additionally, the table under "Chain Breakdown (All chains)" provides an overview of the trade volume, number of trades, and number of users for all chains combined.

Yes, you can see the trade history of specific users. Their website includes a section titled "Users" which lists the top users and their trade volume, number of trades, and chains they have traded on. Additionally, there is a section titled "Recent Trades" which shows the trade details including the app/consumer, liquidity supplier, USD value, and date.

The most popular liquidity sources are:

  1. UniswapV3 with a volume of $429.78m and 280.30k users.
  2. Lido with a volume of $218.18m and 115 users.
  3. Other RFQ with a volume of $193.48m and 26.52k users.
  4. MakerPsm with a volume of $105.55m and 95 users.
  5. UniswapV2 with a volume of $71.58m and 85.50k users.

Please note that this information is based on the data provided and may change over time.

Yes, the app supports integration with Metamask.

Yes, you can export trade data for analysis.

The trade data is updated every 16 minutes.

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