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Blockchain Explorers Overview

What do we mean by Blockchain Explorers?

A blockchain explorer is a tool that provides a user-friendly interface to interact with a blockchain. The name is akin to a web browser or file explorer, which allow you to navigate the web or your files, respectively. Similarly, a blockchain explorer allows you to navigate a blockchain.

Specifically, a blockchain explorer can be used to:

  • Check transaction history: You can use a blockchain explorer to view the history of transactions that have occurred on the blockchain. This includes the sender's and receiver's addresses, the amount transferred, the transaction fee, and the date and time of the transaction.
  • View block details: Block details, including the miner of the block, the block reward, the number of transactions included in the block, and more can be viewed.
  • Inspect smart contracts: On blockchains that support them (like Ethereum), you can view the code of smart contracts, see transactions that interacted with the contract, and sometimes even read the state of the contract.
  • Check wallet balances: By entering a wallet address, you can view the balance of any cryptocurrency wallet (though the identity of the wallet owner may remain anonymous).

One very popular blockchain explorers is Etherscan for the Ethereum network. It's important to note that each blockchain will typically have its own dedicated explorer, since each blockchain has its own unique structure and data format.

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