Airswap Overview

What is Airswap?

Airswap is a decentralized exchange for peer-to-peer trading on Ethereum and Layer-2s like Polygon. It uses atomic swaps and an innovative request-for-quote protocol to work alongside automated market makers such as 1inch and Uniswap. Governance is regulated by the Airswap DAO which stakes AST, its native token, to participate in network decisions.

Main Features
Secure and efficient P2P swaps
Decentralized trading with zero slippage
Gasless swaps
Protocol Fee
Connect Wallet

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Frequently asked questions

Web3Swap is a decentralized trading platform that enables secure and efficient peer-to-peer swaps with zero slippage. It allows users to connect their wallets and perform gasless swaps. However, the swap may fail due to reasons such as protocol fees or being unable to connect a wallet.

Web3Swap ensures secure P2P swaps through decentralized trading with zero slippage and gasless swaps. It also incorporates a protocol fee to support the platform's operations. Users can connect their wallets to participate in the secure and efficient P2P swaps provided by Web3Swap.

Zero slippage in decentralized trading refers to the absence of price slippage during the execution of a trade. It means that the trade is executed at the exact desired price without any deviation or unexpected changes. This ensures that traders can accurately predict the outcome of their trades and eliminates the risk of losing value due to price fluctuations.

No, it is not possible to trade without paying gas fees.

To connect your wallet to Web3Swap, you can click on the "Connect Wallet" option.

The protocol fee in Web3Swap is a fee charged for decentralized trading with zero slippage. It is a part of the secure and efficient P2P swaps offered by the platform.

To participate in voting on Web3Swap, you need to connect your wallet and select a wallet from the available options.

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