ApeSpace Overview

What is ApeSpace?

An all-in-one DeFi trading tools platform leveraging the fastest, most accurate on-chain data available. ApeSpace tools were designed to help customers beat the market. ApeSpace accomplishes this in several ways: (1.) 30% faster real-time data than leading competitors to give our retail traders an edge; (2.) Scam prevention through perpetual honeypot and tax checks to triple-check your investment decisions; (3.) Advanced charting features and trading analytics that provide insights to both fundamental and technical traders; (4.) 300% faster display of charts to give you back your most valuable resource: time.

Main Features
Real-time cryptocurrency data
Detailed information about prices, market caps, and trading volumes
Option to advertise and increase reach
Audit of token security features
Contract and ownership status of tokens

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Frequently asked questions

To access real-time cryptocurrency data on CryptoStats, you can search for the specific cryptocurrency pair you are interested in. The data provided includes the price, price change, total volume, total transactions, market cap, liquidity, pair age, and holders. Additionally, you can view the buy and sell taxes for each pair. The website also provides transaction information, including the date, time, type, price, size, and USD value.

CryptoStats provides information about the price, price change, total volume, total transactions, liquidity, age, holders, buy tax, and sell tax of various cryptocurrencies.

To check the contract and ownership status of a token on CryptoStats, you can refer to the "ApeSpace Token Audit" section. In this section, you will find information about the token's audit accuracy, honeypot risk, mintability, blacklist status, balances modifiability, verified contract status, proxy contract status, ownership renouncement, external calls, buy tax, sell tax, wallet tax, permanent ownership, tax modifiability, transfers pausability, sell limit, anti-whale mechanism, transfer cooldown, whitelist, and self-destructibility.

For the specific token you mentioned, the "ApeSpace Token Audit" section states that the token has a low honeypot risk, is mintable, has not been found on any blacklist, has not been found to have modifiable balances, has a verified contract, does not have a proxy contract, likely has renounced ownership, does not have external calls, has a 0% buy tax and sell tax, and does not have a wallet tax. The section also mentions that the token's permanent ownership is likely, tax modifiability is not found, transfers pausability is unlikely, sell limit is not found, anti-whale mechanism is not found, transfer cooldown is not found, whitelist is not found, and self-destructibility is not found.

Please note that the information provided in the "ApeSpace Token Audit" section is based on the available data and may not guarantee 100% accuracy, especially for newly created tokens that may have malicious elements or new ways to obscure an audit's accuracy.

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