Dapplooker Overview

What is Dapplooker?

A user-friendly, no-code platform for analytics and visualization of blockchain data. Easily understand smart contract data, perform analytics, and create helpful charts and dashboards. Ideal for monitoring transactions, tracking user retention, and identifying trends.

Main Features
Analyze Multiple Web3 Data Sources
Build & Share Analytics
Export Web3 Data
Multi-Chain Dapp Analytics
Embed Charts & Dashboards

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Frequently asked questions

To analyze multiple web3 data sources with DappLooker, you can utilize the platform's support for Smart Contracts, Subgraph, SubQuery, External APIs, and more. DappLooker allows you to build and share custom dashboards, export data in popular formats like CSV, XLS, and JSON, and extract key insights from multiple networks on a single dashboard. Additionally, you can embed charts and dashboards without any watermark at no additional cost. DappLooker also offers advanced analytics, lightning-fast dashboard loading, and expertly curated dashboards for valuable insights.

Yes, you can share the analytics you create with others. The platform allows you to build custom dashboards and share them anywhere you need. Users can also fork charts and dashboards for free within the community. Additionally, you can export your smart contract and subgraph data in popular formats like CSV, XLS, and JSON.

You can export your smart contract and subgraph data in popular formats such as CSV, XLS, and JSON.

Yes, DappLooker supports analytics for Dapps on multiple blockchain networks. It integrates with popular blockchain protocols and networks such as Ethereum, Polygon Network, Celo, Arbitrum, Gnosis, Moonbeam, NEAR Protocol, and SubQuery Network. Users can analyze and query smart contracts and subgraphs from these networks using DappLooker's user-friendly analytics tool. Additionally, DappLooker allows for the combination of on-chain and off-chain data for better decision making, and supports the embedding of charts and dashboards into native environments.

Yes, it is possible to embed charts and dashboards created with DappLooker into other platforms. DappLooker offers watermark-free embedding at no additional cost. Users can use the highly scalable and robust API SDK provided by DappLooker to fetch chart data directly onto their platform. This allows for seamless integration of DappLooker's analytics into the native environment of other platforms.

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