Autofarm Overview

What is Autofarm?

Autofarm is a Binance blockchain-based platform optimizing liquidity farming for cryptocurrency farmers. Founded by Mild Giraffe, it currently has a 1 billion USD locked value as TVL.

Main Features
Cross-chain Yield Aggregator
Buy and deposit AUTO to start earning
Support for multiple chains
Vaults for maximizing yield
Voting and governance options

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Frequently asked questions

To start earning with Autofarm, you can follow these steps:

  1. Connect your wallet: Click on the "Connect Wallet" button on the Autofarm website and connect your preferred wallet.

  2. Browse Vaults: Once your wallet is connected, you can browse through the available vaults. Vaults are investment strategies that automatically optimize your returns by farming the highest-yielding tokens.

  3. Choose a vault: Select a vault that suits your investment goals and risk tolerance. Each vault will have different APY (Annual Percentage Yield) and daily APR (Annual Percentage Rate) rates.

  4. Deposit funds: After selecting a vault, you can deposit your funds into the vault. The deposited funds will be used to generate yield through various DeFi protocols.

  5. Start earning: Once your funds are deposited, Autofarm will automatically start earning yield for you. The earnings will be reflected in your wallet balance.

Please note that investing in DeFi protocols involves risks, and it's important to do your own research and understand the risks associated with each vault before investing.

Autofarm supports the following chains: BNB, Cronos, Polygon, HECO, Avalanche, Fantom, Moonriver, OKC, Celo, Harmony, Gnosis, Boba, Velas, Aurora, Oasis, Moonbeam, Evmos, Wanchain, and KCC.

The top vaults on Autofarm are:

  1. SPOLAR-NEAR LP (Aurora - Polaris) with an APY of 3.8M%
  2. WBTC-renBTC LP (Fantom - Curve) with an APY of 176,292.82%
  3. CELO-MOBI LP (Celo - UbeSwap) with an APY of 2,565.52%
  4. fUSDT-WBTC-WETH (tricrypto) (Fantom - Curve) with an APY of 1,063.38%
  5. DAI-USDC LP (Fantom - Curve) with an APY of 905.20%

To connect your wallet to Autofarm, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Connect Wallet" button located on the Autofarm website.
  2. A list of supported chains will appear. Choose the chain that your wallet is connected to (e.g., BNB, Avalanche, Polygon, etc.).
  3. After selecting the chain, a pop-up window will appear asking you to connect your wallet. Click on the "Connect Wallet" button within the pop-up.
  4. Depending on your wallet provider, you may need to authorize the connection by signing a message or entering your wallet password.
  5. Once the connection is successful, your wallet will be connected to Autofarm, and you can start using its features such as Vaults, Deposits, Swaps, and more.

To get in touch with Autofarm for business inquiries or customer support, you can reach out to them via email. For business inquiries, you can contact them at For customer support, you can contact them at

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