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Yield Farming Overview

What do we mean by Yield Farming?

Yield farming is a method to generate rewards with cryptocurrency holdings. It is a concept that emerged from the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Essentially, it involves lending your cryptocurrencies to others and earning returns in the process.

While yield farming can be profitable, it is also complex and risky. Not only are there technical risks like smart contract bugs, but also economic risks such as fluctuating token prices and 'impermanent loss'.

What's the difference with Yield Optimizing? Optimizing yields refers to employing various methodologies and analyzing data to get the highest possible returns.

Imagine a collection of automated tools, specifically designed to implement these strategies precisely and at the most opportune moment to maximize return on investment. This would be more efficient than manually working to reap, reinvest, and augment your profits. And that's exactly what Yield Optimizers do!

Yield Optimizers are platforms where your investment is automatically reinvested, allowing your portfolio to benefit from the power of compound interest. They utilize optimized algorithmic strategies to achieve the highest APYs and keep fees low.

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