BAC Games Overview

What is BAC Games?

BAC (Blast Auto Club) is a Web3 gaming platform built on Blast network that combines social interaction, staking, and NFT upgrades into a web-based club racing game. Players can earn rewards, connect with others, and enhance their gaming experience in a 'Ready Player One' ecosystem.

Main Features
Group to Earn function
SocialFi Integration
NFT Upgrades

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Frequently asked questions

In BAC, NFT upgrades work through a process where players stake Ethereum (ETH) to earn Vetokens. These Vetokens are then utilized to upgrade NFTs within the game and build Blast Auto Clubs.

The total supply of $BAC is 100,000,000.

In BAC, players form clubs to work together and earn rewards. Players first buy "blind boxes" containing characters, then team up those characters in a racing club. By completing daily tasks, they collect materials to upgrade the club's racing cars. The main concept of this mechanism is win-win situation in teamwork. This experience combines digital art collecting, teamwork, and exploration in a unique online world.

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