BlockScout Explorer Overview

What is BlockScout Explorer?

An application launched in 2017 by POA Network for viewing and inspecting transactions on EVM blockchains. Users can search transactions and tags in the integrated search box, while developers can interact with contracts directly from the UI, verify contracts, and make API Calls using standard and customized endpoints.

Main Features
Total number of blocks
Average block time
Total transactions
Wallet addresses
Gas tracker

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Frequently asked questions

To track the total number of blocks on the Ethereum blockchain, you can refer to the "Total blocks" information provided on their website. As of the given information, the total number of blocks on the Ethereum blockchain is 18,133,531.

The average block time on Ethereum is 12.2 seconds.

Yes, you can view the total number of transactions on Ethereum. The total number of transactions on Ethereum is 2,096,746,240.

Yes, it is possible to search for specific wallet addresses on the Ethereum blockchain.

Yes, the Ethereum Explorer provides a gas tracker. The current gas tracker value is 11.21 Gwei.

The current price of ETH is $1,620.05.

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