Boardroom Overview

What is Boardroom?

Boardroom is a governance dashboard for active DAO participants and stakeholders, providing transparency, accessibility, and streamlining governance management workflows through its Governance API and Teams functionality.

Main Features
Wallet connection
Task and project discussions
DAO creation
Boardroom creation and boosting
Wallet monitoring and settings adjustment

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Frequently asked questions

To connect your wallet to the platform, you need to click on the "Connect Wallet" button.

After connecting your wallet, you can access features such as discussing tasks and projects, creating proposals, monitoring wallet activity in one place, and adjusting settings.

To customize your settings, you need to connect your wallet. By connecting your wallet, you will have access to a more personalized experience and be able to customize various settings.

Developers can submit issues and access documentation by visiting the respective Discourse Discussion platforms of the projects they are working on. They can submit issues by navigating to the "Developers" section and selecting the "Submit an Issue" option. Additionally, they can access documentation by selecting the "Documentation" option.

Yes, users can set up personalized notifications. They can customize their notifications to receive daily roundups of new and upcoming proposals via daily email digests. Additionally, connecting their wallet allows for a more personalized experience and the ability to monitor activity in one place.

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