Cap Overview

What is Cap?

Trade with leverage on the most advanced derivatives protocol. Everything you need for fast and secure on-chain trading.

Main Features
25+ Markets
Advanced Order Types
Dynamic Funding
Adjustable Leverage

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Frequently asked questions

The reference text does not provide specific information about the markets that can be traded on Cap.

You can use ETH or USDC as collateral for trading on the platform.

The types of orders that can be submitted on the CAP UI include limit orders, stop orders, take-profit orders, reduce-only orders, and OCO (One Cancels the Other) orders.

Yes, you can adjust the leverage on your orders when trading on the CAP UI. The platform allows you to fine-tune the leverage on every order you submit, with a maximum leverage of up to 100×.

Yes, self custody is supported on Cap. Traders can trade directly from their wallet without the need for deposits.

The security track record of Cap is that they have not been hacked or lost any funds since their launch. They have undergone extensive audits by Shellboxes and other independent researchers, and they also offer a bug bounty program where users can get paid to find bugs in their smart contracts.

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