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What is Chaos Labs?

Chaos Labs is the first automated, on-chain economic security system enabling crypto protocols to optimize risk management and capital efficiency while protecting user funds.

Main Features
Risk Management
Incentive Optimization
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Incentives Optimization

Frequently asked questions

Chaos Labs helps in managing risk for crypto protocols by providing automated, on-chain economic security systems. They offer simulations and an automated risk suite to prepare and protect against real market risk, safeguarding user funds. Their solutions allow protocols to optimize parameters, gain a comprehensive understanding of the protocol and user accounts, and automate the collection and analysis of key market data for confidently onboarding new assets. Chaos Labs also provides economic analysis and testing of potential exploits in their on-chain simulation environment.

The main features of Chaos Labs' risk management solution include simulations and automated risk suite to safeguard user funds, optimization of parameters for safety and efficiency, comprehensive understanding of protocol and user accounts, automated collection and analysis of key market data for onboarding new assets, parameter recommendations for revenue and efficiency, protocol risk dashboard for macro view on economic well-being and user positions, support for adding new assets with comprehensive risk assessment, and economic analysis through on-chain simulation environment.

Chaos Labs optimizes incentives for maximum economic impact by providing on-chain incentive programs that drive sustainable growth and user engagement. They offer recommendations on how to best allocate incentives and rewards to maximize business results. Chaos Labs also provides incentives analytics to help users understand how changes in incentives impact their yield. By leveraging their cloud infrastructure and simulations technology, Chaos Labs helps customers optimize fees and incentives to boost their Total Value Locked (TVL) and verify their capital allocation strategy.

Chaos Labs offers simulations for testing theoretical attack vectors in a real-world environment using live agents and mainnet code. These simulations allow users to validate assumptions and assess downstream impacts at a high scale with multi-agent simulations. The goal is to ensure that what is being built can withstand market-based attacks in any environment.

Chaos Labs can assist in onboarding new assets by automating the collection and analysis of key market data around the assets. They provide simulations and automated risk management tools to optimize parameters and ensure the safety of user funds. Additionally, Chaos Labs offers parameter recommendations and a protocol risk dashboard to gain insights into the economic well-being of the protocol and user positions.

To get started with Chaos Labs, you can schedule a demo to see how they can help protect your protocol. They offer real production tooling for asset optimization and walkthroughs of complex custom simulations. Chaos Labs can assist you with protocol risk management and provide solutions for on-chain applications. They offer risk management solutions to protect against real market risk, utilize simulations to optimize parameters and ensure the safety of user funds, and provide a comprehensive understanding of your protocol. They also offer incentive optimization to drive maximum economic impact with on-chain incentive programs. Additionally, Chaos Labs offers economic analysis to ensure what you're building is economically sound and test potential exploits in their on-chain simulation environment. To get started, you can get in touch with Chaos Labs to explore further opportunities.

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