Deri Protocol Overview

What is Deri Protocol?

Deri Protocol is a perpetual DEX used to hedge other holdings, speculate on price movements, or arbitrage price differences between different markets, all while remaining on the blockchain. Users' contracts on DERI Protocol are represented by NFTs which makes it easy to transfer and use in other DeFi projects. It is backed by well-known brands such as Binance Labs, Lotus Capital, Tron, etc.

Main Features
Faster and cheaper transaction
Multiple chains supported
NFT-based positions
Consolidated liquidity

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Frequently asked questions

Deri Protocol supports various types of derivatives, including futures contracts, options contracts, perpetual swaps, and synthetic assets. Users can choose from a wide range of trading instruments to suit their investment strategies.

Instead of buying an asset, users place a contract to buy or sell it at a specific price in the future, but there's no expiry date. This lets users to leverage their position (control a larger bet with less money) but also magnifies the risk of big losses. The funding fee must be paid or received in order to keep the "perpetual" status.

Maintenance margin requirement is required for open positions, traders must maintain an amount of assets in their margin account to keep the position active. In cases that the amount of assets go below the margin required, the position will be closed and liquidation will occur.

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