DFNS Overview

What is DFNS?

A wallet-as-a-service API-first KMS infrastructure with secure, plug-and-play access to blockchains via decentralized, MPC-driven key management network. DFNS is SOC 2-certified and Techstars-backed with $20M raised since 2020. It operates with error-and-attack-resilient tier 3+/4 data centers and provides granular sets of permissions, controls, and policies via secure API credentials. It supports 40+ blockchains and 1,000+ tokens.

Main Features
Maximum security for crypto
Seedless wallets
Developer Fluency tool for wallet creation and deployment
Streamlined features and security upgrades
Compliance-friendly products for DeFi and TradFi

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Frequently asked questions

Dfns ensures maximum security for crypto through several measures. Firstly, they employ a zero trust network where every user, employee, device, application, workload, and data flow is treated as untrustable. They continuously authenticate, authorize, and validate before granting access to their systems, which helps them outstrip adversarial moves and outmaneuver bad actors.

Additionally, Dfns has a bank-grade custody infrastructure that prioritizes security. This infrastructure aligns with Polymesh's core values as an institutional-grade blockchain for regulated assets, providing extra peace of mind to issuers and investors.

Dfns also undergoes regular audits and validations to ensure security. They have been audited and validated by Yogosha, Kudelski Security, Deloitte, and Distrust. These audits include penetration testing, code audits, and compliance certifications such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 1/2.

Overall, Dfns combines a zero trust network, bank-grade custody infrastructure, and regular audits to ensure maximum security for crypto.

Seedless wallets are a type of web3 wallet that provide maximum security and freedom for crypto. They eliminate the need for generating a key by issuing secret shares that can sign transactions while ensuring segregation throughout the entire wallet lifecycle. This is achieved through the use of multi-party computation (MPC), zero-knowledge proofs, proactive secret sharing, and other primitives. Seedless wallets offer decentralized custody, keylessness, and zero trust, minimizing the risk of human intermediation and conflicts of interest.

Developer Fluency is a dev tool that allows developers to create millions of wallets quickly and easily. It provides turnkey access to cloud-native, elastic development environments, enabling developers to deploy their crypto custody infrastructure efficiently. Developer Fluency offers streamlined features and security upgrades, making it suitable for both DeFi and TradFi products. It also supports scalability, DeFi access, and compliance-friendly solutions. With Developer Fluency, developers can integrate web3 wallets into their platforms, enhancing security and providing maximum freedom for crypto transactions.

Dfns offers streamlined features and security upgrades such as a bank-grade custody infrastructure, a zero trust network that continuously authenticates and validates users and devices, on-demand integrations with new blockchains and tokens, and standard SaaS pricing without base points or unfair pricing plans. Dfns has also undergone audits and validations, including pentests, code audits, and certifications such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 1/2.

Dfns helps in rolling out compliance-friendly products for DeFi and TradFi by providing turnkey access to cloud-native, elastic development environments. This allows for the smooth deployment of crypto custody infrastructure, offering streamlined features and security upgrades. With Dfns, developers can create millions of wallets and gain scalable wallets, DeFi access, and compliance-friendly solutions.

The purpose of the 'create_policy_rule.py' code snippet is to create a policy rule on the DFNS API. It sends a POST request to the "https://api.dfns.io/policies/policy-rules/" endpoint with the necessary payload and headers. The payload includes the description, name, and configuration of the policy rule. The headers include the authorization token and content type.

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