EraLend Overview

What is EraLend?

EraLend is a decentralized lending protocol on zkSync Era, focusing on maximizing capital efficiency and reducing reliance on external liquidity and oracles. It aims to make lending and borrowing of crypto assets more efficient than current solutions, leveraging the security and cost-effectiveness of zkSync for instant, low-cost transactions. EraLend prioritizes maximizing capital efficiency for both lenders and borrowers. This is achieved through their peer-to-peer (P2P) lending model, which eliminates the need for intermediary pools.

Main Features
No oracle and liquidation
Fast and cost-effective transactions
P2P Liquidity
Loyalty rewards program
Multiple bridge integrated
ZkSync Era

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Frequently asked questions

EraLend caters to both lenders and borrowers. Lenders can earn higher returns on their crypto assets through P2P lending. While, borrowers benefit from lower interest rates compared to traditional DeFi lending platforms. There is also a loyalty rewards program for users, where they can earn points for more benefits and perks.

EraLend currrently supports ETH and USDC.

EraLend provides an open-source code for the public. They are also audited by PeckShield. Click here to find the audit report.

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