GoL2 Overview

What is GoL2?

GoL2 is a novel gaming experiment set in the Starknet Layer 2 ecosystem, inspired by the classic cellular automaton, Game of Life. Developed by Yuki Labs and powered by Starknet, it offers players a chance to engage in a continuous, collective game with no defined endpoint. In GoL2, players can evolve the game using GOL tokens, where each token gives life to a cell, influencing the game's progression for all participants.

Main Features
Infinite Mode: A never-ending evolution of the game, with players' actions determining the direction and shape of the game's universe.
Creator Mode: Where players can initiate new games by choosing patterns that set the game in motion, with every 10 GOL tokens representing a new game creation.
Snapshots: Players can capture unique snapshots of their gameplay, providing "proof of play" and sharing their achievements on platforms like Twitter.

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