Karma Overview

What is Karma?

Karma provides tools for DAO communities and contributors, including a score system to measure quantity and quality of contributions and a ranking system for top contributors. This reputation system allows visibility into contributor activity, helps DAOs discover upcoming contributors, and compensates the most active contributors.

Main Features
Delegation Dashboards: Improve visibility and participation by viewing delegate voting history, delegation stats, and behavior. Easily delegate tokens.
Contributor Dashboards: Gain visibility and reward contributors by viewing their activity across voting, forum, Github, and other systems. Analyze activity across various timeframes.
Automate Operations: Assign/Revoke roles and permissions, assign/revoke Discord roles based on contributor activity, display Governance stats in Discord and Forum, encourage Governance voting through Forum proposal banner.
Karma Governance Tools: Level up your delegation process with powerful tools. Provides valuable insights for better decision making and improved Governance.
Delegate Lookup: Find out who you have delegated tokens to and their performance.

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