Syndicate Overview

What is Syndicate?

Syndicate is a social network and decentralized investing protocol that allows investors and communities to create Web3-native investing DAOs. Syndicate also provides infrastructure and tools for investing DAOs to network socially, invest in the real world, and stay compliant. Syndicate makes it simple to pool funds in a multi-sig transaction and invest with your network. Syndicate also limits the personal liability of investment DAO members by allowing DAOs to connect to LLCs and other 'real world' capabilities in a compliant manner.

Main Features
Efficient Transaction Distribution
Secure and Reliable Transactions
Customizable Transaction Priority
Real-time Transaction Monitoring
Easy Integration with Web3 Wallets

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Frequently asked questions

Syndicate Transact distributes transactions efficiently by using the syndicate.transact() function, which takes parameters such as the recipient (members), quantity (1,000,000), and priority (0). This function initiates the transaction and ensures its efficient distribution.

Yes, you can prioritize your transactions in Syndicate Transact.

If a transaction fails in Syndicate Transact, it means that the transaction was not successfully executed. The specific reason for the failure can vary, but it could be due to factors such as insufficient funds, an invalid recipient address, or a network issue. When a transaction fails, it does not get completed, and the intended transfer of 1,000,000 units to the specified members does not occur.

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