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What is Kiwi News?

Kiwi News is a unique, community-driven platform dedicated to aggregating and curating the best content in the crypto and web3 space. It stands out as a decentralized media hub where crypto veterans and enthusiasts collaboratively pick and upvote stories, essays, podcasts, and videos from across the web.

This platform serves as a one-stop destination for high-quality, relevant content without the noise typically found on social media platforms.

Main Features
Community-Curated Content: Content is selected and upvoted by over 140 knowledgeable community members, ensuring relevance and quality.
Wide-Ranging Topics: From technology to culture, Kiwi News covers diverse subjects appealing to the curious minds of crypto enthusiasts and builders.
Decentralized & Open Source: Powered by the Kiwi P2P Protocol, it allows for the creation of personalized Kiwi apps, promoting a decentralized information ecosystem.

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