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What is Ledger?

Ledger is a global platform for digital assets and web3 offering hardware wallets and software solutions for secure buying, storing, swapping, and managing crypto assets. Ledger wallets are physical devices resembling USB drives. Your cryptocurrencies are stored offline, isolated from online vulnerabilities like hacking attempts or malware. Ledger also offers education through its Academy and has developed Ledger Enterprise, a digital asset custody and security solution for institutional investors and financial players. Ledger's products integrate with its software, Ledger Live, for easy asset tracking and transactions, ensuring both security and convenience for users.

Main Features
Secure storage and management of cryptocurrencies and NFTs
Support for buying, swapping, and staking cryptocurrencies
Ability for developers to build with Ledger
Different wallet options, including Ledger Stax, Ledger Nano X, and Ledger Nano S Plus
Enhanced security with a Secure Element chip and proprietary operating system

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5 out of 5 stars

Probably the most widely used hardware wallet, and for a good reason - it's dope :)

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