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What is Argent?

Argent is a mobile non-custodial wallet that offers a user-friendly interface for accessing DeFi applications, managing digital assets, and securing digital identity. It allows users to store, manage, and send cryptocurrencies and tokens using a mobile app, without the need for seed phrases or private keys. Argent simplifies interacting with the Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks by providing features like free transactions, easy recovery options without seed phrases, and integrated access to DeFi services such as lending, borrowing, and earning interest.

Main Features
Starknet NFT Management available on the app
Multi-sig Security
Easy recovery options without seed phrases
Decentralized and self-custody of assets
Automatic blocking of untrusted transactions with Argent Vault

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Frequently asked questions

Argent Vault is a smart contract wallet designed to provide high security for digital assets and DeFi interactions. It offers features like daily transfer limits, trusted contacts for wallet recovery, and approvals for trusted apps and services, all aimed at enhancing user security without sacrificing convenience or control.

Argent X is a web browser extension and a first wallet for StarkNet, currently running on StarkNet Alpha on the Ethereum mainnet. It shouldn't be confused with Argent mobile wallet.

Yes! Argent is considered safe due to its use of advanced security measures like Guardians for recovery, biometric security, and secure enclave technology. You can easily recover your Argent wallet without a paper backup. And only you can access your assets, not anyone else. It employs smart contracts to manage assets, enabling features like whitelisted addresses and spending limits for added protection.

As of the release the recovery of Argent zkSync Era wallet is possible off-chain only, however, in future, on-chain recovery of the wallet with zkSync Era guardians is planned.

If you have your encrypted key, you can proceed with the off-chain recovery.

In order to be able to recover your zkSync Era wallet alongside with Vault and zkSync wallets, you will need to save or update your encrypted key.

You can find the guide on saving the recovery key here.

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