Rarible Overview

What is Rarible?

An Ethereum-based platform for creating, selling and buying NFTs. The platform supports various forms of digital art and assets, including illustrations, 3D models, and more, enabling creators to directly monetize their work through a global audience. Rarible emphasizes community and decentralization, with a governance token, $RARI, that gives holders a say in key decisions and developments within the marketplace.

Main Features
Easy and safe buying and trading of NFTs
User-friendly platform for creators to launch their digital works
Open-source NFT protocol for building liquid NFT experiences
Brand partnerships for next-level online engagement
Multiple payment options using ETH or through integrated fiat on-ramps

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Frequently asked questions

$RARI is Rarible's native governance token, which rewards active platform users and grants them voting rights in the Rarible DAO, influencing decisions regarding platform development and use of community funds.

Rarible offers a user-friendly minting process. You'll upload your digital file, choose between creating a single unique NFT or multiple editions, and set a price (if selling). Minting involves gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain. These fees can fluctuate, so factor them into your pricing strategy.

Yes, you can create your own NFT marketplace with Rarible. They offer a free, no-code marketplace for your collection, allowing you to trade all of your collections with your community. Rarible also provides a customizable, on-brand marketplace for your community. Additionally, they offer an open-source NFT protocol with a free Indexer, API, and SDK, allowing you to build liquid NFT experiences at warp speed.

Rarible's open-source NFT protocol is a tool that allows developers to build liquid NFT experiences quickly. It provides a free Indexer, API, and SDK to facilitate the creation of NFT applications.

Yes, Rarible allows creators to set royalty percentages, enabling them to earn a specified share of sales each time their NFT is resold on the secondary market.

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