ReactorFusion Overview

What is ReactorFusion?

ReactorFusion is a new type of money market found on zkSync and Telos, introducing a special rewards system to motivate users and blending reliable technologies with veDEX's rewards for a safe and creative way to lend in DeFi. It focuses on providing great rewards, ensuring deep liquidity, and changing the way decentralized finance works to improve how people lend and borrow money.

Main Features
Competitive interest rates
Peer-to-peer lending
Deep Liquidity
Integrated DEX and bridges
Loyalty program
ZkSync Era

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Frequently asked questions

ReactorFusion currently supports ETH, USDT, USDC, and WBTC.

ReactorFusion's Loyalty Program, set to enhance user engagement within the zkSyncEra ecosystem, distributes future airdrops transparently. It rewards dedicated users and $RF stakers by assigning ReactorFusion Points (RFP) based on their lending and staking activities. RFPs, which are linked to the user's EVM address and cannot be transferred, serve as a basis for reward distribution, balancing between stakers and borrowers. The program aims to boost the protocol's total TVL, aligning with user contributions and fostering ecosystem growth.

Yes, they are audited by PeckShield on May 31, 2023. You can find the audit report here.

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