Wonderverse Overview

What is Wonderverse?

A web app for effective on-chain project management in DAOs, featuring assignments, completions, reward mechanisms, token gating, on-chain resumes, and batch payment to contributors. Streamline your DAO's workflow and HR with Wonderverse.

Main Features
Cheap transactions
Easy fund recovery
Token gating
NFTs and web3 integrations

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Frequently asked questions

Wonderverse is a platform that offers various services for web3 projects and communities. It allows users to build their web3 resume, showcase their work, and gain a following. Users can also earn cryptocurrency while making an impact through their work. Wonderverse provides collaboration tools for web3 communities, allowing users to manage projects, proposals, and grants in one place. It offers project management features, such as coordination systems for decentralized teams and native crypto payments. Wonderverse aims to streamline operations, save time, and create a regenerative work environment.

There are over 1,000 projects and 50,000 contributors on Wonder.

Yes, you can pay and get paid in crypto on Wonderverse. Wonderverse has native crypto payments, allowing users to pay and receive payments in cryptocurrency.

Wonderverse helps with project management by providing collaboration tools for web3 communities. It allows users to manage projects, proposals, and grants seamlessly in one place. Wonderverse offers crystal clear coordination systems for decentralized teams, allowing for efficient project management. It also includes native crypto payments, allowing users to pay and get paid in cryptocurrency. With Wonderverse, users can experience smoother project management, saving time and effort by eliminating the need to jump between different platforms like Discord, Notion, and Google Sheets. Additionally, Wonderverse offers features such as token gating, NFTs, and various web3 integrations.

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