Zapper Overview

What is Zapper?

Zapper is a Web3 explorer dashboard that allows users to track their wallets, discover NFTs, Defi dapps, and DAOs. Itenables users to easily manage their decentralized finance assets and liabilities from a single interface. Zapper allows for tracking investments across different protocols, liquidity pools, and yield farming opportunities.

Main Features
Account, NFT, DAO, and token search
Real-time data & performance insights
Unified view of crypto portfolio
DEX features integrated
Event participation and leaderboard tracking

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Zapper allows users to swap a wide range of tokens directly from its interface. Zapper sources liquidity from various decentralized exchanges to ensure competitive rates.

Yes, you can use the bridge feature provided by Zapper. The bridge allows you to move tokens from one blockchain network to another.

Once you connect your wallet, Zapper automatically aggregates and displays your DeFi investments across supported protocols and blockchains, showing your portfolio's total value and distribution.

Zapper itself does not charge any fees for tracking and managing your DeFi assets. However, when executing transactions such as swaps or liquidity pool investments, standard blockchain network fees and any protocol-specific fees apply.

No, you don't need to maintain a permanent connection. You can connect your wallet when needed to access Zapper's features like portfolio tracking or swapping functionalities, and then disconnect afterward for added security.

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