Alfa1 Overview

What is Alfa1?

A cryptocurrency asset management platform that uses advanced algorithm and technology to institutionalize crypto asset growth. Users can access traditional financial investment management technology and digital asset management services for consistent growth. Has over $300 million AUM in various crypto assets. Founded by Boris Feng and Wang Peng.

Main Features
Profound trading strategies
Stringent risk management
Robust trading system
Professional product design
Holistic financial solutions

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Frequently asked questions

Alfa1 ensures risk management through stringent risk metrics and control at all levels, from product to transactions, and from top to bottom. They have implemented layers of risk control on various volatile factors. This approach helps them manage and mitigate risks associated with their asset management services.

The expertise of Alfa1 in product design includes a wealth of experiences in traditional finance, such as developing portfolios using sophisticated algorithms, applying derivatives, and creating customized product structures for digital asset management.

Alfa1 provides holistic financial solutions, including professional market making and asset management services. They have a wealth of product design experiences in traditional finance and offer customized portfolio development using sophisticated algorithms and derivatives. Alfa1's trading strategies are based on profound trading experiences and multi-algorithmic strategies combined with an AI model trained on massive market data. They also have stringent risk management measures in place and a robust trading system optimized for digital assets.

To contact Alfa1, you can reach out to them through the following channels:

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To find more information about Alfa1, you can visit their official website at They also have a Twitter account at Additionally, you can contact them via email at for any inquiries or job applications. Alfa1 is a professional digital asset manager that offers holistic financial solutions, asset management, and market-making services. They have a wealth of product design experiences in traditional finance and utilize sophisticated algorithms and derivatives in their portfolio development.

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