AlienSwap Overview

What is AlienSwap?

AlienSwap is a platform where user can buy, sell, and trade NFTs across different blockchains. It aggregates listings from other NFT marketplaces, providing users with a wider selection of NFTs in one place. Users can also create and launch NFTs on a no-code platform built by AlienSwap called CreateX.

Main Features
Multi-chain NFT Trading
NFT Marketplace and Aggregator
Bulk trading and batch listing
Code-free NFT launchpad
Trading fee bonuses and rewards

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Frequently asked questions

AlienSwap's CreateX Art platform removes barriers to entry for aspiring NFT creators by offering a no-code NFT creation solution. This user-friendly platform empowers individuals of all technical skill levels to seamlessly design and deploy NFT collections directly on AlienSwap. It also helps to reduce the cost of NFT creation.

AlienSwap aims to aggregate liquidity from various NFT marketplaces. This means it searches for listings of the same NFT across different platforms and displays them in one place. Users can then compare prices and choose the most favorable option.

It supports Metamask, OKX Wallet, Blocto, and Clover.

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