Allium Overview

What is Allium?

Allium provides analytics teams with accurate and easily understandable blockchain data for general wallet analytics, risk management, and fraud detection use cases.

Main Features
Accurate and fast blockchain data
Coverage of 11 blockchains
Real-time data delivery methods
General wallet analytics with materialized historical balances
Decoded real-time data for powering applications at scale

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Frequently asked questions

The main features of Allium's general wallet analytics include materialized historical balances for every wallet and token at every block height, 100+ precomputed attributes for every wallet address with Wallet360™, and the ability to manage risk with full visibility of key transactions, balances, and collateral for any wallet. Additionally, Allium provides decoded realtime data with a p50 freshness of 3.8s, allows for direct querying of daily validator staking income, rewards, and APR, and offers NFT and DEXes overview with washtrading, aggregator, buyer, and seller fees calculated for every NFT trade.

Allium provides decoded real-time data by parsing DEXs and decoding logs. They have a high accuracy rate of 96% for decoding logs, even for long tail data. This real-time data is used for various purposes such as investment decisions, tracking cross-chain market share, and generating key business insights. Allium's enriched schemas and intuitively designed data schemas make it effortless for users to access and analyze the data.

Allium provides data for NFT and DEXes overview, including parsed DEXs with 96% decoded logs for the long tail.

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