anotherblock Overview

What is anotherblock?

A platform for buying tokenized musical rights and earning royalties from top tracks on Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Invest in stable alternative assets of music rights with fractional ownership and co-own your favorite tracks with the artist.

Main Features
Ownership of high-quality music tracks
Royalties from streaming
Opportunity to own music rights
Diverse team of music industry professionals
Decentralized social platform for music owners

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Frequently asked questions

Anotherblock is a platform that allows users to become co-owners of high-quality music tracks, creating an emotional and financial connection with the music they love. By streaming songs on platforms like Spotify, the owners of the music are eligible to receive royalties. As a music rights collector on Anotherblock, users are also eligible to receive royalties when their tracks are streamed. The platform aims to democratize music ownership and give music lovers the opportunity to own music rights, which are typically reserved for major labels and big catalog investors.

The benefits of owning music rights include the ability to receive royalties when your tracks are streamed, creating a financial connection with the music you love. Owning music rights also allows you to become a co-owner in high-quality tracks, creating an emotional connection with the music. Additionally, owning music rights on platforms like Anotherblock allows you to be part of a vibrant community of owners and unlock further utilities along the journey.

To participate in onchain summer drops, you will need a digital wallet. If you already have a digital wallet, you can bridge to BASE to add the correct funds to your wallet and then mint the drops on the website. If you don't have a digital wallet, you will need to set one up and buy ETH. Once you have ETH, you can bridge it to BASE and then mint the drops. The onchain summer drops offer exclusive music collectibles and unreleased compositions by renowned artists such as BOYS NOIZE, LAIDBACK LUKE, and KLEERUP. Please note that these drops are classic music collectibles and do not include the right to receive royalties.

The purpose of the LENS platform is to provide a decentralized social platform where users can own their data, followers, and posts. It also serves as a marketplace for music collectibles and unreleased compositions by renowned artists. Additionally, LENS allows users to connect with top collectors and see what they are collecting.

The significance of NFTs is that they allow individuals to own unique digital assets, such as music tracks or artwork, on the blockchain. NFTs provide proof of ownership and can be bought, sold, and traded like physical collectibles. Additionally, NFTs enable creators to earn royalties whenever their assets are sold or used, providing a new revenue stream for artists and content creators.

To view more posts and follow top collectors on anotherblock, you can go to the LENSTER section of the platform. LENSTER is the decentralized social feature of anotherblock where you can own your data, followers, and posts. By accessing LENSTER, you can see what's on the minds of top collectors and what they're collecting. Additionally, you can earn soulbound ERC-20 tokens called anotherblock points, which are streamed directly to your wallet when you purchase an anotherblock NFT.

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