Aperture Finance Overview

What is Aperture Finance?

Aperture Finance is a decentralized finance platform centered around providing tools and strategies for leveraging cryptocurrency holdings. It houses features such as automated rebalance, position closure, and automated compounding, all of which are novel functionalities for managing leveraged liquidity positions. It also has a concentrated liquidity DEX on Manta network. Users can also provide liquidity for one asset on a specific range, which create a revenue earning limit order.

Main Features
Leveraged liquidity management tools
Automated position rebalance
Automated position closure
Automatically compounding of fees
Revenue-earning limit orders

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Frequently asked questions

Aperture Finance only adds gas fees for swaps, and does not take any platform fees.

Automated position rebalance in Aperture Finance is a feature that enhances liquidity provisioning on Uniswap V3 by automatically adjusting a user's position based on specific parameters such as price, pool ratio, and time. This strategy aims to optimize liquidity positions for better performance and efficiency.

Automated position closure allows users to set up pre-defined conditions, such as time, price, and pool ratio, for exiting your liquidity pool positions. Users can define a price target for one of the assets in the pool. If the price reaches that level (above or below a certain point), their position can be automatically closed. This might be useful for taking profits or avoiding potential losses.

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