APX Finance Overview

What is APX Finance?

APX Finance is a decentralized platform for trading crypto derivatives, offering up to 1001x leverage on perpetual contracts with competitive fees and minimal slippage. It features an array of trading options including orderbook (V1) and on-chain trading (V2), along with margin trading and staking opportunities. As a multichain ecosystem, APX Finance supports several blockchains including BNB Chain, Ethereum, Arbitrum One, ZkSync Era, and Base, expanding its accessibility and utility across the crypto space.

Main Features
Upto 1001x leverage
Dual product available with V1 and V2
Decentralized and non-custodial
CEX-like trading experience on V1
Zero slippage on V2
EthereumArbitrumBaseZkSync Era

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Frequently asked questions

APX Finance charges a fee for both opening and closing positions in cryptocurrencies and FX, varying by blockchain. For example, on the BNB Chain, the opening fee for crypto positions is 0.08% and 0.02% for FX. Arbitrum charges a 0.05% fee for crypto positions. Additionally, there's an execution fee charged only when a position is opened, differing across blockchains to cover network costs and support the Keeper program for order execution.

APX Finance is a trustless platform, meaning no registration or KYC is required. Just connect your Web3 wallet and you can start trading.

Auto-Deleveraging (ADL) in APX is a risk management tool used during extreme market volatility, acting as a last resort to maintain market stability. It involves the automatic reduction of traders' positions based on profit and leverage, with a notification system alerting affected users. Traders can monitor their ADL risk through an indicator, with the aim of APX being to minimize ADL occurrences for a better trading experience.

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