Atato Custody Overview

What is Atato Custody?

A decentralized custodial solution with simplified security and user-friendly interface. We offer integration with any dapps, support for any EVM and major chains/tokens. Users can sign up and try their first transaction on the testnet for free.

Main Features
Support for all EVM chains and ERC-20 tokens
Easy integration of any blockchain with Bring Your Own Chain feature
Secure and efficient connection to decentralized applications through Wallet Connect
MPC technology for maximum security and reduced network fees
Atato Wallet Recovery System (aWRS) for secure wallet recovery

Frequently asked questions

Atato Custody supports natively all EVM chains and ERC-20 tokens. It allows customers to add their chain or token in one click through the Bring Your Own Chain (BYOC) or Bring Your Own Token (BYOT) feature. Atato Custody supports over 1200+ tokens.

To integrate your own blockchain with Atato Custody, you can use Atato's unique Bring Your Own Chain (BYOC) feature. This feature allows you to add any EVM-compatible network or token with a single click. Atato Custody supports all EVM chains and ERC-20 tokens natively, and you can add your chain by importing the network with just one click. Atato Custody is a regulated and licensed custodian, making it a suitable solution for corporates looking for a secure crypto custody solution.

Atato Custody ensures security through its regulated and licensed custodian status. It operates under a Trust License granted by the Hong Kong Trust Ordinance, providing a regulated environment for its clients. Additionally, Atato Custody supports all Layer2 networks and allows customers to add any EVM layer 2 networks with a single click, giving them complete freedom to use any layer 2 solutions they prefer. Atato Custody also supports Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, and offers secure and reliable custody services for BTC. Overall, Atato Custody is a fully licensed and ISO27001 certified institutional-grade MPC crypto custodian, providing a secure solution for Web3 projects, corporates, and financial institutions.

Yes, you can connect to decentralized applications using Atato Custody. Atato Custody allows users to connect to any decentralized applications through wallet connect, providing a more secure and efficient way to use dApps.

The Atato Wallet Recovery System (aWRS) is a system that uses zero-knowledge computational integrity proofs and Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology to securely generate and store wallet recovery information. It is designed with distributed redundancy in multiple locations, ensuring no single point of failure for wallets. The aWRS system gathers recovery information securely from multiple locations after any disaster. The storage locations do not gain knowledge of the wallets that are recovered.

Yes, Atato Custody is a licensed custodian. They hold a Trust License under the Hong Kong Trust Ordinance, which allows them to serve clients in a regulated environment.

Yes, Atato Custody does not charge Asset Under Management (AUM) fees.

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