Bitski Wallet Overview

What is Bitski Wallet?

An easy-to-use Web3 wallet. Sign up with just an email and password. No seed phrases or keys required. Physically secure storage of your digital assets.

Main Features
Invisible Wallet Creation
Wallet Off-Boarding
Sponsor User Transactions
Extensible Architecture
Native Experiences

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Frequently asked questions

Bitski Wallet creates wallets in the background by allowing developers to create user wallets using their platform's login credentials. This means that when a user logs into a platform using their Bitski account, a wallet is automatically created for them without any additional steps. This seamless process enables easy onboarding and offboarding of users to the Web3 ecosystem. Additionally, Bitski Wallet offers features such as sponsoring user transactions, where the platform pays for transaction fees on behalf of users to facilitate the onboarding of new users. The wallet creation process is built on open standards, allowing for smooth integration with other platforms.

Yes, users can easily claim the wallet created for them using the Bitski Wallet as a Service. Bitski allows users to easily claim the wallet created for them to use with any platform.

Bitski Wallet is built on open standards. Bitski Wallet is "Built on open standards allowing for an ideal integration experience with other platforms." This indicates that the wallet is designed to be compatible and interoperable with other platforms and technologies that adhere to open standards.

Yes, Web3 interfaces can be directly integrated into mobile or web products using Bitski Wallet. Bitski offers a Wallet SDK and Developer Platform that allows developers to easily weave Web3 interfaces directly into their mobile or web products. This integration provides users with an intuitive, seamless, and secure wallet experience while traversing the decentralized web. Bitski Wallet is compatible with Ethereum and Polygon, and it also supports multi-chain and WalletConnect.

The supported chains for Bitski Wallet are Ethereum and Polygon.

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