BLASTR Overview

What is BLASTR?

BLASTR is a cutting-edge platform that provides refundable, risk-free NFTs. It allows users to launch 'free to mint' NFT collections, lock ETH in the contract for a set duration, and earn native yield, with a full refund guarantee post-lock period.

Main Features
Risk-free NFT minting with refund options
Full refund guarantee post-lock period
Trustless and non-custodial collections management
High-security standards with rigorous audits

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Frequently asked questions

The refund guarantee for minted NFTs works by allowing the minter to lock a specified amount of Ethereum (ETH) within the NFT contract for a predetermined time period. While the ETH is locked in the contract, it earns BLAST native yield. This yield generation does not affect the refundability of the initial ETH locked. After the lock period expires, the NFT holder has the option to claim a full refund of the locked ETH. If they choose to claim this refund, the NFT is burned (destroyed), and the initially locked ETH is returned to the holder.

Yes, on BLASTR, you can control your NFT collection's funds and decisions. Each collection operates through its own ERC721 smart contract on the blockchain, providing a non-custodial setup. This ensures that you have complete control over your collection's funds and decision-making processes, without any intermediary holding custody of your assets.

Through BLAST's native yield, which is accumulated from the ETH locked in their NFT contracts and is immediately claimable by the deployer wallet. BLASTR maintains a transparent business strategy by charging a modest fee on the entire yield generated.

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