BlockWallet Overview

What is BlockWallet?

Take complete control of your crypto with enhanced privacy and security on Web3. Connect to favorite DApps or add custom networks easily. Move between chains and assets with built-in bridges and swaps, hold, stake, or send your crypto with confidence by connecting to your hardware wallet.

Main Features
Gas Tracker
Phishing Protection
Quick Network Finder
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Frequently asked questions

The Gas Tracker feature in BlockWallet allows users to monitor gas prices on the blockchain. Gas prices refer to the fees required to perform transactions or execute smart contracts on the blockchain. By keeping an eye on gas prices, users can identify the optimal time to perform transactions and save on fees. This feature helps users make informed decisions and optimize their transaction costs.

The purpose of Phishing Protection is to generate unique artwork that helps users recognize and avoid fake wallet pop-ups. This feature helps protect users from falling victim to phishing attacks, where malicious actors attempt to deceive individuals into revealing sensitive information or performing unauthorized transactions. By providing visual cues to identify fake wallet pop-ups, Phishing Protection enhances the security of users' tokens and helps them stay in control of their digital assets.

The Quick Network Finder helps users discover and connect to new networks in seconds.

Yes, you can purchase cryptocurrencies using your credit or debit card with BlockWallet. They offer a smooth process of buying crypto tokens with your card, and you can enjoy the advantage of low transaction fees.

In the Blog section, you can find BlockWallet news and stay updated with the latest developments.

You can access detailed documentation and guides by going to the "Docs" section on the website.

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