Blur Overview

What is Blur?

Blur is an NFT marketplace and aggregator where users can compare NFTs across marketplaces, manage portfolios with advanced analytics, and buy NFTs. It is designed for professional traders, offering tools like portfolio management, floor price tracking, rarity filtering, and real-time alerts to enhance decision-making. Blur allows users to buy bulk NFTs and snipe cheap buys faster.

Main Features
Bulk buy of NFTs mechanism
0% Marketplace fees
Aggregation of NFT listings from several well-known marketplaces
Floor Ask Bidding feature
NFT Collection Rarity Analysis

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Frequently asked questions

To earn BLUR tokens on Blur, users can participate in the platform's activities and trading incentives. These include actively trading NFTs, listing collections, and engaging with the platform's features. Blur also rewards users for contributing to its ecosystem, such as through providing liquidity by placing bids or participating in special campaigns and challenges.

The Floor Ask Bidding feature on Blur is a trading mechanism that allows users to place bids on the lowest-priced (floor) NFTs within a collection. This enables buyers to make offers on the most affordable items available in a specific collection, streamlining the buying process and potentially securing NFTs at competitive prices. Sellers with floor-priced NFTs can quickly identify and accept these bids, facilitating faster transactions and liquidity in the marketplace. This feature is particularly beneficial for traders looking to buy or sell at market floor prices efficiently.

Blur distinguishes itself through its focus on providing advanced tools for NFT traders, such as portfolio management, analytics, and aggregated listings from multiple sources. It aims to streamline the trading process and offer competitive advantages to its users.

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