Collab Land Overview

What is Collab Land?

A standardized bot for community management and engagement, compatible with Telegram and Discord. The bot tracks membership access via tokens and automatically removes those who sell them.

Main Features
Token ownership verification
Member status monitoring
Compatibility with Discord and Telegram bots
Support for over 25 wallet connections
Miniapp marketplace for pro-social activities

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Frequently asked questions

Collab.Land verifies token ownership by allowing users to connect their existing wallets to join new communities without having to sign a message for each community. They prioritize safety and do not share wallet addresses with anyone, including community admins, without explicit consent.

Collab.Land is compatible with Discord and Telegram through its bot integration. It supports token-granted access to exclusive chats and content for tens of thousands of communities. Creators and admins can easily configure token-gating and add miniapps through the web portal Admins can create communities on 24 different L1 and L2 platforms using fungible tokens and NFTs. Collab.Land supports tokens on 25 wallets and an additional 19 wallets available via WalletConnect. By connecting with an existing wallet, members can join new communities without signing a message for each community. Collab.Land has a dedicated support team and ensures the privacy of users' wallet addresses.

Collab.Land supports tokens on 25 wallets and an additional 19 wallets available via WalletConnect, totaling 44 wallet connections.

Yes, with Collab.Land VIP, you can monitor the status of members in your community. Collab.Land is a community management tool that curates membership based on tokens. They verify that each prospective member possesses the required token(s) to participate in your community and follow up with routine checks to confirm they maintain their status. Additionally, Collab.Land offers a marketplace for various developer-created applications to enhance your community experience.

Yes, Collab.Land offers a marketplace for miniapps. Developers can join the Collab.Land Marketplace and showcase their miniapps to over 50k active communities.

Collab.Land has been catering to tokenized communities for 3 years.

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