Double Protocol Overview

What is Double Protocol?

A platform for renting NFTs for use cases such as games, metaverses and anything with utility. Double Protocol is at the forefront of pushing for innovation in this space by advocating for new ERC standards like ERC-4907 and ERC-5006, which allow NFTs to be rented securely without needing collateral.

Main Features
Asset Security
Complete Control
Batch Listing
Unparalleled Simplicity
Instant Yield

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Frequently asked questions

Double Protocol ensures asset security by eliminating the need to transfer a rented NFT to the tenant. This ensures that the NFT does not incur any losses or theft.

Yes, you can retrieve your staked NFT anytime as long as it is not rented.

Yes, it is possible to list multiple NFTs at once using the Double Protocol. The protocol allows for batch listing, which means you can list multiple NFTs simultaneously.

You can start earning yield income as a LP (liquidity provider) as soon as the NFT is listed in the pool on the Double Protocol platform.

Connecting a wallet is necessary in order to access and interact with the features and functions of the Double Protocol NFT rental protocol and marketplace. By connecting a wallet, users can securely manage their NFT assets, lend them to others, earn yield income, and have complete control over their rented NFTs. It also allows users to list multiple NFTs at once and ensures the security of the rented NFTs by eliminating the need to transfer them to the tenant.

The upcoming features of Double Protocol include asset security, complete control over staked NFTs, batch listing of multiple NFTs, unparalleled simplicity in listing, and instant yield income as a liquidity provider when NFTs are listed in the pool.

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